Saturday, September 26, 2009

Three ways to significantly improve manufacturing quality without breaking the bank

San Diego, CA, September 28th, 2009 – Firms in the light assembly and manufacturing spaces are facing a struggle to maintain product quality, while looking at shrinking budgets for capital equipment and personnel. Engineers and technicians are finding themselves having to do much more with much less. Eddie Silverberg, CEO of Flexible Assembly Systems, a leading integrator of torque tools and equipment, provides advice on three simple ways his customers have succeeded in improving manufacturing quality on small budgets:

#1- Create an in-house calibration and repair management program.

Equipment failure can cost many thousands of dollars in product recall, product replacement, and lost worker productivity. Manufacturing firms can face significant issues around throughput and product quality if equipment isn’t properly maintained. “Setting up an in-house calibration program is a lot easier than most people think. Being a little disciplined about tool use saves lots of money on the back end,” says Eddie. Calibration programs include finding an in-house advocate to lead the program, setting up regular calibration and maintenance intervals for tools, and investing in on-site calibration systems like torque testers.

#2 – Develop a more ergonomic workspace for the technician.

Ergonomics have a role in improving technician fatigue, throughput, and product quality. The sheer number of industrial ergonomic products available has grown tremendously over the past two decades. These options give manufacturers inexpensive options to implement. “Sometimes, improving the ergonomic workspace is as simple as buying a new tool balancer. Other times, an ergonomic torque screwdriver is worth its weight in gold,” states Eddie. Creating a thoughtful ergonomic improvement plan is simple, and doesn’t have to eat into your budget.

#3- Automate your manufacturing bottlenecks with measurable systems.

Automated workplace systems are becoming more and more inexpensive. These products can be measurable, reliable, and accurate. “Customers come to us after purchasing automated screwfeeders, and wondered how they got the job done before they found us. We’re always hearing positive feedback about the simple systems we’ve put in place that help the worker.” There are many standardized solutions in the marketplace. These systems can pay for themselves within a few weeks or months, help preserve the budget, and keep quality high.

Flexible Assembly Systems has been working together with firms requiring light-assembly solutions since 2003. The company's product list is extensive, and includes Assembly Tools, Robotic Assembly, Automotive Tools, Torque Products, Bits and Fastener Systems, Workplace and ESD Systems, and Material Handling Systems.

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